Brick Stone Storage, LLC.
Brick Stone Storage, LLC.

Moving? Need more room in your home? Too may cars in your driveway?

You've come to the right place!

What makes us different?

Why Masonry Construction?

Newly Constructed, our Storage Units are built out of insulated block and shingle roofing, not metal, so you don't have to worry about condensation ruining your valuables.   Extremes in temperature that may destroy your stored furniture and belongings are much less likely with masonry construction than with metal.  You wouldn't want to live in a closed up trailor with no heating or cooling would you?  so why would you store your valuables in one?  A masonry contructed storage unit is your best choice. 





ADT video surveillance

You can rest a little easier, knowing that America's #1 Security company is helping to protect our business and your storage.  

Why are your sizes different?

You will find that the sizes of our storage units are a little-bit different than most storage places.  That's because we custom built our storage unites ourselves.  We did our homework, we measured and determined; what size storage would be best for cars, large home storage, etc. . .    

storage unit sizes


          10 x 12



  • 10 x 15                    




  • 10 x 30     (the largest storage unit available in the area)



                                  Not sure what size you need?  Click on the help link






We are in a great neighborhood, just behind Brick Stone Townhomes.  We are next door to Logwood Homes, South Point, Deerfield Village, and Apple Valley, to name a few.    Not only is it a nice neighborhood, it's a convenient location, whether you live in Fairmont, Grafton, or Bridgeport, we are right on 250 south.   Our facility is locally owned and ran.  You will always recieve curdious and friendly service.



You will be supplied with a key to your door which you may use at your convenience 24 hrs.  No locks to mess with, the lock is in the handle of your door.  The storage building is well lit with sensor activated lighting.  You may recieve an interior sensor light for your unit upon request at no additional charge.




Climate Control

Climate Control is now available.

We maintain temperature above 40 in the Winter and below 78 in the summer.


Not sure if you need climate control?  Click on the Climate Control link and find out more 







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